Denver Browns partner with Musical Life Denver

The Denver Browns Baseball Club will be doing their best in 2021 to maintain their mission statement - To continuously break the mold of amateur and semi pro baseball in Denver by always striving to be the best in everything we do, from the field to the community. With that being said, we most definitely will be doing that in the upcoming year by bringing you live music to most of our games in 2021. Look for Musical Life Denver - School of Music to be providing music for the majority of Denver Browns games this upcoming season.

Today we catch up with the head of Musical Life Denver, the owner Robby Schechter.

Robby tell us about Musical Life Denver, it's mission and how it came to be?

RS: Musical Life Denver is a 100% locally owned and operated business with a focus on community, leadership, and most importantly, having fun with music! We offer private music lessons, band classes, and more in the Denver area. We are conveniently located on South Broadway in Englewood, CO.

Browns Beat: What was your inspiration and how long has Musical Life Denver been in existence?

RS: Well I began playing piano at the age of 4 and guitar at the age of 6 and I've always had a passion for sharing music with others. I was performing at talent shows at school and summer camps by the time I was 8 and began playing in bands shortly after that. My first ever performance with a band was when I was 13, at the historic Blueberry Hill in St. Louis, Mo.

By 14 I began teaching guitar professionally at Dave Simon’s Rock School, where I taught guitar and bass, and helped coach bands. I played in a handful of bands throughout highschool, winning my highschools battle of the bands 2 years in a row.

After high school I studied at University of Denver Lamont School of Music where I graduated with a bachelors of Music in 2012.

I maintained a roster of private students through my time at DU and began teaching music full time after graduating.

In 2016, I started Musical Life Denver, a 100% locally owned and operated rock style music school, complete with lessons, bands, and virtual classes.

We are here to help people find themselves through music by making music together.

Browns Beat: Awesome! Such a great mission, bringing people together through music... That's kind of what we do (here at the Denver Browns) but with baseball, how perfect. What were your thought's when you were first approached about this idea in bringing music to the Denver Browns?

RS: I loved it! It's exciting to see such large and passionate communities (music and sports) converge on something. It will be a powerful cross over of two things people are truly passionate about.

Browns Beat: Well put and your spot on... two things that will always draw a crowd are sports and music. Should lead to a great season. Thanks so much Robby!

Please check out more and get registered for music lessons at

Robby Schechter's Musical Life Denver