Our New Non Profit for 2023 will have three very important objectives... to educate, advocate & build community.

Here's how...

1. To educate Denver and all Coloradans on our very important place in baseball history being we were pioneers in integration ie. Bud Fowler ,The 25th Infantry Team, Denver Post Tournament as well as Denver White Elephants.

The Plan - In doing speaking engagements with Rockies At&t Sportsnet with mentor Jay Sanford on Denver Baseball History reaching what we hope to be many thousands of viewers in the Rocky Mountain region we aim to educate people on our important history. In addition to this we are creating many speaking engagements at middle schools, high schools and senior living homes on the topic.

2. Provide scholarship monies/endowments to BIPOC Ballplayers (baseball and softball) particularly of single parent homes to help pay for travel ball expenses. (goal of 10K in 2023 by way of five $2000 allotments increasing by 10K every year, 20K in 2024 10x2000 and 30K in 2025 and continue so on and so forth). We are creating an endowment committee that will be integral in exacting these monies please inquire within.

3. To act as a Minor League Ballpark Commission a 501(c)(6) separate from our 501(c)(3) in an effort to bring a new minor league team - an independent championship professional baseball organization to the City of Denver (or one of its municipalities). Currently an independent minor league is actively shopping Denver suburbs as the new home for their latest expansion. The Denver Browns (the first iteration) were the State of Colorado's first fully professional sports team dating back to 1879 and hope to be its next.

While educating younger generations on who Daddy Bruce Randolph was... We intend to make Daddy Bruce Baseball a thing. There are other "Guiding Lights" of our non-profit as well...all large influences on my life or on Denver (or both)... Irv Brown, Maury Wills, Roland Hemond, John Elliott and Molly Brown .