All-Time Roster

2007 - The Inaugural Season

  • Managed by Matthew Repplinger PLYR/MNGR
  • Gino Grasso RHP/ Team Founder
  • Chris Campassi C/ Team Captian
  • Brett Lampiasi SS
  • Luke Klingensmith CF
  • Evan Martioa LF
  • Brent Nichols 1B
  • Alex Nicolov DH/1B
  • Brent Hatch 3B
  • Slice Birley RHP
  • Burley Burns 2B/P
  • Jordan Bruns 3B/RF
  • Jeff Silick DH
  • Brian Coleman OF
  • Chris Schack 3B/2B
  • Chas Olsen OF
  • Jake Wilson OF

If you have played, pitched or even rode the bench for the Denver Browns we would like to add you to our all time roster. Please email your name, position and which specific Denver Browns team / year you played on to

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Our Mission

Our mission with the Denver Browns, and now our affiliates, has always been to continually break the mold of amateur and semi-professional baseball by always striving to be the best in both baseball and as members of the community. With a growing number of fans, budding rivalries with teams from all across the state, and the smiles that are shared all around, we like to think we’re doing a pretty good job of expanding the game and strengthening our community. These are the people who helped make it possible, playing for and supporting the Denver Brown mission. We’ll no doubt keep adding to this list, as new stars come up and grow with us in Denver.

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