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Feature Story : Real Estate Agent Christie Lysaught

This March we at the Denver Browns celebrate Women's History Month... First, by featuring our own Kristen Genter of the South Park Whooping Cranes, the first ever female manager in the history of baseball.

And on the last day of Women's History Month we bring you the story of Denver Browns new sponsor Christie Lysaught of Kentwood Real Estate Cherry Creek.

Christie Lysaught (Nee Allen) first got her start in professional sports long before she became a successful real estate agent here in the beautiful City of Denver. A journey that took her from the humble beginnings working here locally for John Elway in the world of football and took her all the way to the hallowed grounds of Yankee Stadium.

What started as a love for baseball turned into a role in being of service as the public address announcer for her High School alma matter; Heritage High School located near historic downtown Littleton Colorado. Just so happened, and maybe no coincidence that that particular team went on to be one of the greatest High School baseball teams in the state's history breaking nearly every offensive record ever established while being ranked in the top 20 nationally by Baseball America for 2 straight years. A team featuring Denver Browns Hall of Famer Jordan Bruns, former big leaguer Luke French, and other pros such as Jake Opitz and Austin Krum. Christie has been around excellence on the baseball field ever since the beginning, a theme that has been consistent in her career in the sports world and beyond in Real Estate.

Christie's academics took her to the University of Hawaii for a year before she transferred home to graduate from Colorado State University in Fort Collins studying communications. Her first job out of College was (of course naturally) in sports working for John Elway's Colorado Crush. After her time in football she went on to work in the NBA for Michael Jordan's Charlotte Bobcats and then to the pinnacle of the sports industry working for the New York Yankees. Christie's forte in sports has always been offering top level business to business corporate sales and high end luxury packages for clients of the sports teams in which she was employed.

Christie returned home in the winter of 2015 and begun to study the ends and outs of the local Real Estate market here in Denver. Determined to provide her clientele the same level of service, professionalism, and attention to detail she offered her client's while an employee of the New York Yankees and in working for two of the greatest athletes in the history of sports, John Elway and Michael Jordan... Let Christie's winning personality show you what the Denver's Real Estate market has to offer. If you're looking for an agent who is fun to be around and is willing to go the extra mile look no further than the Denver Browns Official Real Estate Partner Christie Lysaught of Kentwood Real Estate Cherry Creek.


Christie tell us about yourself... How do you manage all that you do? You're a new mom and a very ambitious real estate agent in one of the busiest real estate markets in the country. I also heard you won "Rookie of the Year" award your first year in Real Estate... How do you do it?

CL: I don't do it alone, on any given transaction there is easily a team of 10-20 people involved and I get to be the conductor. We work together to not only get the deal to the finish line but to also provide a five star experience for my clients.


What from your time in sports was your fondest memory? Was there ever a moment when you didn't think it was real or was so surreal it was hard to put into words?

CL: I’ve got so many amazing sports memories but I would have to say my top three were standing in the Yankees dugout admiring my surroundings during a client event, sitting front row at the Broncos Super Bowl, and one random day while I was working for the Bobcats, I was walking to my office and walked past Michael Jordan in the hall with signature cigar in hand and said “Hi Christie”. It was a little surreal to know he knew MY name.


Aside from you being one of the easiest persons I've ever known to be around... What sets you apart from other real estate agents here in the local market?

CL: Currently in the Denver market there are 10x as many agents as there are homes for sale. I’m in an industry that ranks right down there with used car salesman for least trusted. I’ve built my career on being a trusted partner and advocate for my clients. One way I do that is that I do this full time. There is nothing more frustrating when you can’t get in touch with a business. Which is why I make myself available for whatever my clients need, they can always depend on me to pick up the phone or respond to an email or text.

I am always looking out for my clients best interest throughout the transaction and beyond. 70% of people never work with their agent a second time. I make it a point to stay in touch and continue to be a resource for my clients. The result of that is clients who work with me have an agent for life, they never have to worry about hoping they can find an agent they can trust again.


What is your prediction for the Rockies this season? Will they finish in 3rd, 4th or 5th place in the NL West?

CL: I’m going to go with middle of the pack at 4th Place since they got rid of Arenado. I’m excited to see how the season shakes out but I have to admit I was a little bummed when I heard about that trade.

We're all a little aggravated regarding that Arenado trade.

We thank Christie for her support of the 2021 Denver Browns - please contact her for all your home buying questions or concerns as she is our go to for Real Estate in the Denver market! Look for Christie, husband Brian and son Liam at several Denver Browns games in 2021 and look no further for your trusted agent here in the Denver Metro area.

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